Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Parable of the Young Man and the Wings

Once there was a young man who lived in a village where people owned vineyards. His father had just passed away and left him his vineyard, but he did not have any shoes. Now, it was important to have shoes to own a vineyard in that area. So one day, as he was walking around his land, the young man found an old hermit stuck in a hole and pulled him out. The hermit was grateful and offered the young man one of two gifts. "You may take these shoes and they can be yours, or you can take these wings to fly around the world wherever you want for 24 hours." The young man was intrigued by the offer to be able to fly like the birds, so he accepted the wings and began his flight. After soaring around the world for nearly a day, he headed back home. However, when he was almost home, the wings disappeared from his back. The young man fell down onto a rosebush and badly scraped his feet. Since he was unable to walk to health, he bled to death after three days.